Positive birth stories

I have 2 babies. But I’ve been pregnant 3 times.

The first time was in 2009 and sadly, I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks.

Although that baby never officially joined our family, I will always consider him or her to be part of my life.

One thing that baby taught me was how once the intensity of labour (or in that case, natural miscarriage) was over, the body could recover incredibly quickly. This put me on a journey of discovery about unmedicated childbirth, starting with Ina May Gaskin’s book, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.

Are you pregnant. Read it!

I went on to have two fast and furious natural deliveries, the first in a birth centre and the second at home. What helped my in my preparation for birth was reading as many positive birth stories as I could find. I unraveled and scribbled out all the horror stories that had seeped into my subconscious over the years, replacing them with a flood of incredible, empowering, awe-inspiring birth stories.

I’m not saying that you can only have a positive birth if you read positive birth stories. And I’m not saying that reading positive birth stories necessarily results in a positive birth. I firmly believe there’s a massive dose of luck involved in bringing a baby into the world. But I also believe that fear breeds tension and tension breeds pain. By quelling fear (which is natural, of course!), the body and mind are more relaxed and that’s a great place to start.

So I’m in the process of figuring out how to start a collection of positive birth stories. To help mums-to-be. To get more positive birth stories out there. I’m excited.

More soon….


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