Barre class – no smiling please

One of my friends is a fabulously fit and active mama who told me great things about the barre studio in our neighborhood. So today, when I realised I had a bit of spare time on my hands, I decided to take them up on their first-class-free offer and give it a whirl.

Oh my goodness. What a lot of serious faces!

If you’re not familiar with barre, the idea is to do lots of repetitions of small movements, isolating certain muscles to get deep toning. This naturally involves quite a bit of concentration, so I would imagine serious faces are apparent in every class. Not just a little bit serious. But seriously frowny serious.

Well the best thing about the class was realising I like to smile when I exercise. Not always on the outside – smiling would definitely not go down well while swimming, and looks a bit weird while walking by myself. And grinning while cycling comes with hazards such as flies in the teeth.

But I like to feel smiley. I like my body to feel good and happy and not punished. Not drilled. Worked, yes. And strong and flexible and spacious and open. That’s what swimming and cycling and walking and dancing all do for me.

I can’t wait for dance class tomorrow, when I can twirl and whirl and stomp and do crazy moves and laugh and smile and cry if I want to.

Here’s a song by Sia that P-nut and I have been dancing to at home a lot. She likes to dance like the girl in the video. That makes me happy too 🙂





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