It’s all about perspective

Today I had to do some digging into potential British citizenship routes for the girls.

Why am I only just doing that when we’re planning to move home within a couple of months? Because I didn’t even think about how we would get them into the country as legal little people!

Yes, call me stupid. I’ve called myself stupid many times today. But just as my friend thought it would be ok to take her baby on a plane to Mexico without any kind of ticket because she was traveling on her lap (only to find out otherwise at check-in), until today I hadn’t really thought things through. What a donut!

Anyway, I’ll go into the ins and outs of citizenship in another post. What I want to share today is that just when I was feeling bogged down in red tape, I saw a heart-warming video that snapped me right out of it.

This mum’s smile helps me remember what’s really important in life …. living.






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