A couple of days ago, I was pretending to nap when I came across an article on my phone about something called the Advent Streak.

What initially caught my eye was the image of loads of naked people running on a beach. Now, there’s no way on earth I would run naked in public. Or run naked in my house for that matter. But the headline made it clear that this wasn’t about nudity. And it mentioned the word ‘Christmas’. I’m a sucker for Christmas so I clicked to read more.

The article was all about running. Committing to run every day of December until the big pressie and turkey fest.

Now, running is not my forte. I really don’t like running. But this sounded kind of easy. Ish. I could make my minimum distance as low as 1 mile. I’d run a 2 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving the day before and hadn’t collapsed. I was actually feeling sore from that, in an I’ve-used-my-muscles-again-and-it-feels-good kind of way. Besides the occasional flailing run for the bus, I hadn’t properly run for about 15 years. Dancing, yes. Hiking, yes. Yoga, tons of it. Surfing, badly but yes. Running, no.

Still, I was intrigued. I want to get fitter. I want to be able to run around with my kids and not be gasping for breath and turning beetroot red after 2 minutes. I’d also like to firm up my wobbly bits. So I joined the Facebook group mentioned in the article to find out more.

The Facebook group is a UK based bunch of mums and after joining and reading a few posts, their enthusiasm for running had me sold. I was excited! I introduced myself to the group and got the warmest welcome and loads of encouragement. I really felt like these women would help me complete the Advent Streak.

Today was the first run of my streak. It was great. My right headphone kept falling out so that kept my mind occupied for most of it. When I finally resigned myself to only listening through my left ear and brought my attention to the actual sensations of running, I found I was feeling pretty good.

I passed a few dog walkers and we nodded or said hi. Maybe they thought I was a real runner. If I’m out there running, that makes me a real runner! Wowsers. I’m a runner. Yeah! A one mile runner. Hmmm.

I’ve had loads more energy this afternoon since running. I’ve enjoyed reading the posts of other mums in the Facebook group. The support is incredible and their enthusiasm is infectious.

At a time when I was considering shirking Facebook because of its time-sapping, productivity-draining powers, it’s got me out pounding the pavement. Well, that and The Guardian.

Hooray for the internet. Hooray for mums cheering each other on. Hooray for legs.

And now for a bath.


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