Mama is sick

Yes, mummy is sick today and currently laying in bed. It’s pretty nice to tell you the truth – I don’t get to do this often. And with the clock change last night I’ve already had an extra hour’s sleep. Minus the hour spent soothing the little one’s teething pain. I suppose the two balanced themselves out, but it feels like there was some kind of bonus in there somewhere.

Another great offshoot of being ill is that I’m writing my first blog post. This very one. Well, not strictly my first because I had another blog a while ago but after a few posts I couldn’t be bothered. Or I had a baby or something.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while and now that I have this illness enforced free time, I’m actually doing it. Every sick bowl has a silver lining.

Realising I can do it from my phone means that hopefully this venture will continue. Although for what purpose I’m not entirely sure. Oh internet, what a funny old world you have created.

That’s it for today. Ta-da!


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